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Sports World Reacts To Disturbing Brittney Griner Update

Brittney Griner in the WNBA Finals

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - OCTOBER 10: Brittney Griner #42 of the Phoenix Mercury durring pregame warmups at Footprint Center on October 10, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Mike Mattina/Getty Images)

The latest news out of Russia concerning WNBA star Brittney Griner is disturbing.

Griner, one of the WNBA's top players, is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence on drug charges. She's been transferred from her pre-trial detention center into a full-time, Russian prison colony. 

On Wednesday, Dave Zirin reported on the disturbing details of Griner's new home.

"I wrote about Brittney Griner’s wrenching prison conditions. Trigger warning. But so important also that we not look away," he wrote.

From the story:

The Mordovia prisons are infamous, with locals expressing shock that someone of Griner’s international fame would be held there. The penal colony is notoriously racist and homophobic, which makes Griner’s fate anyone’s guess.

More details about life in these prisons have emerged, and they are chilling. Nadya Tolokonnikova of the band/social action collective Pussy Riot spent two years in Mordovia, and she told MSNBC that it is a labor camp where prisoners are expected to work 16 hours a day. “Beatings and torture” are common, she said. Medical care hardly exists. And, in an awful twist, their jobs are to sew police army and guard uniforms, literally darning the clothes of their jailers. International observers have no idea about Griner’s particular conditions, or even if her bed can fit her six-foot-eight-inch frame.

The sports world is terrified over the latest update.

"Every bit of this story breaks my heart for BG," one fan wrote.

"ENOUGH! Whatever it takes, GET HER BACK! Her family will have Thanksgiving without her. ENOUGH!" one fan added.

"Please read, then use your voice," one fan added.

"I think about Brittney all the time. What a tragedy. I do believe however, that behind the scenes the Biden administration is trying hard to bring her home. But that can’t be soon enough," another fan wrote.

Our thoughts continue to be with Griner, who's been in Russian custody since early 2022.

The U.S. Government is working on bringing her home, though we'll find out soon if that's possible.