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Stephen A. Smith: LeBron Would Be Tempted To 'Beat Kyrie's Ass'

The ESPN personality said sources tell him LeBron would be tempted to beat up Kyrie.

How would LeBron James react if he saw Kyrie Irving right now?

Stephen A. Smith claims to know.

The ESPN personality said that "sources" from James' camp have told him that LeBron would be "tempted" to beat up Irving if he saw him right now.


“I’ve had sources in LeBron James’ camp literally tell me, and I’m quoting—I’m quoting, Charles!—if Kyrie Irving was in front of LeBron James right now, LeBron James would be tempted, quote, to beat his ass, end quote,” Smith said on his radio show.

According to Smith, though, it's not because of the trade request.

“LeBron is upset that Kyrie has made him a subject to be broached with regard to Kyrie’s desire to move out, he said.

Here's the full clip:

LeBron certainly doesn't seem to be pleased with the Irving situation according to this story.

Derrick Rose and the Cavaliers agreed to a one-year deal for $2.1 million contract Monday after spending the day together, discussing how the team will return to the Finals without Kyrie Irving.

Rose, 28, the 2011 NBA MVP whose career has been hampered by knee injuries, will come to the Cavs looking for his first trip to the Finals after eight pro seasons. He's also looking at a potential starting spot in the same lineup with LeBron James, now that Irving has asked for a trade and James is eager to see him off.

"Eager to see him off" certainly doesn't sound great.