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Stephen A. Smith Reveals Why Giannis Didn't Answer ESPN Reporter's Question

espn reporter malika andrews

Giannis Antetokounmpo walked out of his postgame press conference following a question about experience from ESPN NBA reporter Malika Andrews.

The moment made headlines following the Bucks' Game 6 loss to the Raptors, ending Milwaukee's season, with some believing the potential NBA MVP needed to show better maturity in that situation.

It's understandable for Giannis to be frustrated, but it's also fair to expect him to answer that question in that situation.

We now have more details on the situation, though. The question was asked by the same ESPN reporter who had this story go up moments after the Bucks' season-ending loss: "Bucks' elimination puts focus on Giannis' future in Milwaukee," wrote ESPN. Giannis has two more years left on his contract, but the story focuses on the possibility of him leaving the Bucks, either in free agency or via a trade demand, unless Milwaukee can make a big run at the NBA Finals. "In more concrete terms, a source close to Antetokounmpo said that getting to the NBA Finals is not just an ambition, it could tip the scales as he weighs his contractual future," ESPN wrote. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith reported on First Take this morning that Giannis was upset with this story, and knew the reporter who wrote it, and decided to not answer her question at the press conference.

Of course, whether he likes it or not, Giannis will have plenty of questions to answer (or, at least, ignore) about his future in Milwaukee over the next two years.

That's unfortunately just what comes with being a star NBA player these days.