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An NBA Team Offered 4 First-Round Picks For Paul George

The Atlanta Hawks reportedly offered a king's ransom in exchange for Paul George.

Paul George was on the trading block during the 2016-17 NBA season. Although he wasn't traded, rumors swirled around George being traded away from the Indiana Pacers.

According to a recent report from Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the Atlanta Hawks offered four first-round picks for George. That's right, FOUR first-round picks. But apparently it wasn't enough for the Pacers.

From the report:

Several teams made trade offers for George in February, including the Atlanta Hawks, who offered four first-round picks in exchange for him. George, who grew up as a Kobe Bryant fan in Southern California, has expressed an interest in playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in the past.

George missed out on the All-NBA teams this year, which could end up costing him $70 million in salary.