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This Year's NBA Dunk Contest Will Not Disappoint

The NBA Dunk Contest used to be the event of events during All-Star weekend. But since the days of Michael Jordan as a young player, it hasn't quite been the same. Sure, we all remember when Vince Carter did the between-the-legs dunk in 2000, but can you name another jaw-dropping moment that has occurred at the annual dunk contest?

Didn't think so.

Tonight, that's going to change. For the first time since 1988, there are three NBA All-Stars - Paul George, John Wall and Damian Lillard - competing in the contest. That gives 2014's NBA Dunk Contest depth in it's legitimate star-power. But name recognition isn't the only reason why this contest is going to be better than years passed.

There are new rules in place which, have some saying, will lead to more opportunities for sensational dunks and less of the boring time spent watching missed dunks; like in previous contests. The other competitors are no slouches either, they include defending dunk contest champion Terrance Ross, Harrison Barnes and sensational rookie Ben McLemore, 

My money is one George - remember this dunk earlier this year? With talent like this, it will be the best dunk contest of this generation.