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Toronto Police Issue Update On Shooting At Raptors' Championship Parade

Toronto Raptors parade.

Earlier: The Toronto Raptors celebrated their world championship this afternoon with thousands of fans at a joyous victory parade. Unfortunately, a shooting occurred at Nathan Phillips Square while the event was ongoing.

The incident marred what was an overall wonderful day for the city and the franchise. Some fans had to scatter after reports of gunshots, and the celebration was momentarily halted.

Information on just what happened is still a little scarce. However, the Toronto Police Department has issued an update, and it is encouraging.

Two people were shot, but they are not critically injured. Also, the authorities have taken two people into custody and recovered a pair of firearms.

">June 17, 2019

Earlier today, a Toronto Police spokesperson told CNN it was unclear whether the shooting was at the parade or just occurred nearby. More information should become available tonight and into tomorrow. Thankfully, it seems like a major tragedy was avoided. Update: USA TODAY is reporting that three were arrested and four people injured as a result of the shooting.

More info will continue to flow in over the next several hours.