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Lowe: The 'Most Logical' Kawhi Leonard Trade Is To A Team People Aren't Bringing Up

Kawhi Leonard speaks at Spurs press conference.

Kawhi Leonard trade rumors continue to swarm, with most of the big name free agents landing on teams early in the process. One that hasn't gained a lot of traction, but would really shift power in the Eastern Conference, is with the Toronto Raptors.

Toronto's main issue over the past few years is the existence of LeBron James in Cleveland. James and his Cavaliers were an obstacle that the Raptors could not overcome.

With James out West, Toronto is now jockeying with the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers to come out of the East.

Adding Leonard could very well make Toronto the favorite, or at least close to Boston in that regard. ESPN's Zach Lowe thinks the Raptors are "the most logical all-in play" available of his "mystery teams" that could hypothetically get involved.

Zach Lowe thinks that star shooting guard DeMar DeRozan would be the centerpiece in a Toronto Raptors Kawhi Leonard trade:

The most logical all-in play on the board is Toronto offering DeRozan, one of Pascal Siakam, Delon Wright, Jakob Poeltl, and OG Anunoby, and a future first-round pick. Upgrade from DeRozan to Leonard, and the Drakes have a real shot to make the NBA Finals. Maybe Leonard would love Toronto, and enjoy playing in May and June in front of that nutty crowd.

If Leonard walks, the damage isn't so severe. After this season, DeRozan will either opt in to $27.7 million or enter free agency seeking a mega-contract as he turns 30. But DeRozan is really good, Leonard is a huge flight risk, and my hunch is the Spurs would demand too much future stuff for Toronto's taste (if the it has any interest in the first place).

DeRozan is only 28, and seems to enjoy Toronto, so there is definitely a risk here. Of course, as Kyle Lowry ages, if DeRozan doesn't continue to round out his offensive game, he may not be a good enough No. 1 option to win a championship. Kawhi definitely is, so the thought is probably that if he walks, the Raptors enter the rebuild that might have to happen soon anyway.

The Raptors definitely aren't the sexiest Kawhi Leonard trade option out there, but anything that adds some star power and intrigue to the Eastern Conference would be a win for the NBA, I think.