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Jazz F Thabo Sefolosha Saved A Woman From Drowning In River

New Utah Jazz forward Thabo Sefolosha has already made a huge impact on one local fan, ahead of the NBA season.

Sefolosha, who joined the team this off-season after a three-year stint with the Atlanta Hawks, was whitewater rafting on the Utah River, when he saw a woman in the struggling in the water.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Lori Clark hit a boulder and flipped her tube, which then floated down river.

Her friends were unable to help her, but luckily, the 6-foot-7 Sefolosha and his family arrived.
It was at this moment of peril that the Sefoloshas came up the river. Thabo asked if he could help, then helped lift her into his raft.

“I don’t know how I would’ve gotten her 20 more minutes down the river,” (Clark's friend Heidi) Bishop recalled. “He really did save her life.”

After they made it to land, Sefolosha did not even reveal that he was a player, only that he worked for the Jazz and that he recently move from Atlanta for his job.

As Clark was trying to soothe her nerves from the ordeal, she made idle conversation with the family, who was speaking in a foreign language. Sefolosha said he had recently moved from Atlanta for work.

“When I asked him where he worked, he just said he worked for the Jazz, not that he played for them,” Clark said. “I kind of figured he was a player because his feet were so big.”


“It’s really nice to watch the Jazz now because they have a nice player on who will help anybody,” Clark said. “I just think Utah’s really lucky to have him. I thank God every day he showed up when he did.”

The defensive stalwart has definitely picked up a few big fans with his heroics out in the community, even if he's extremely humble about the whole thing.

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