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Video: Andrea Bargnani Believed He Could Fly, Injured Himself On A Ridiculous Failed Dunk Attempt


Andrea Bargnani, the seven-foot center for the New York Knicks, didn't have the best day yesterday. While attempting to channel his inner Michael Jordan (the Space Jam version of MJ, no less) for an improbable dunk, he had one of the worst NBA "fails" of the year. He pump-faked at the top of the key, then tried to split two defenders for what would have been a breathtaking slam. Unfortunately for him, he didn't have Hollywood's finest C-list writers on his side and found himself a tad vertically-challenged -- Bargnani hit the two defenders in the air and instead of ascending over them to finish the dunk like he planned, he crashed to the ground and missed the basket by a good four feet.

Adding injury to insult, it has just been announced by the Knicks that Bargnani has a torn ligament in his left elbow and is out indefinitely.

The video below perfectly sets R. Kelly's famous hit, "I Believe I Can Fly" (the song used throughout Space Jam) to a plethora of different angles of Bargnani's, umm, noble dunk attempt: 

Unfortunately for Bargnani, his night didn't get much better as the Knicks lost 110-106 to the 76ers, which extended the Knicks' losing streak to five games.