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Video: Check Out Carmelo's New '23 Days Of Flight' Ad For Jordan Brand

Sick gear.

At a time when people are finishing up their holiday shopping, Footlocker has released a new promotion that will provide shoppers with a bunch of great gift ideas. The "23 Days Of Flight" is a nearly month-long event in which Footlocker will release new Jordan Brand gear throughout December and January. On December 14th, Footlocker is releasing the Air Jordan XII Taxis, and on January 4th, the new Melo M10's. In between those dates there will be a number of other cool releases as well.

The official promo for the event, which was released today, shows Carmelo Anthony getting ready for another big game, and ends with Melo finding out that Footlocker has released more Jordan gear. After hearing the news, Melo leaves the stadium and the audience can assume that he is headed right for Footlocker. Check out the ad below and "Don't Miss A Day" of the 23 Days of Flight: 

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