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Video: Check Out The Director's Cut Version Of Kevin Garnett's New Ad For Beats By Dre


For the last few years, Kevin Garnett has been harassed again and again by haters and doubters who have questioned how much longer his days as an effective player would last. If Garnett had a dollar for every time somebody said he was "too old" to win, he would have enough money to buy the NBA and crown himself champion.

Needless to say, the Big Ticket is tired of all the critics and everything that they "think" they know. Garnett is the star of a brand new commercial, for Beats by Dre, which features "Doubting Thomas" himself Skip Bayless antagonizing KG. With the help of the noise-canceling headphones, Garnett finally gets the chance to "hear what he wants" by tuning out the naysayers: 

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