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Video: D.J. Augustin Tried To Spike The Ball Off Of Jimmer Fredette's Face, Jimmer Answers With Three In His Eye

A cold answer.

Tonight, the Sacramento Kings demolished the Chicago Bulls 99-70 at Sleep Train Arena, and Bulls PG D.J. Augustin was not a happy camper. Not only did he struggle offensively, where he was 2-for-11 from the field, but he also got abused a bit on the defensive end as well.

At one point late in the game, Augustin had a pass intended for him picked off by Jimmer Fredette, who was matched up on him for most of the fourth quarter. After Fredette lost control of the ball while trying to score on the breakaway, the pair battled to keep possession, and as Augustin felt himself falling out of bounds, he tried to spike the ball off of Jimmer's face. Fortunately, the ball didn't connect with Jimmer's face, but a bit of jawing ensued afterward anyway, as Augustin appeared to try to go after the Kings guard.

Of course, Jimmer wasn't going to stand for that, so promptly rained a three-pointer in Augustin's face on the ensuing play -- safe to say that it was a very frustrating night for D.J.:

I think that Jimmer won both the battle and the war in this one.