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Video: Joel Embiid Says He'd Rather Be Cristiano Ronaldo Than LeBron James, Prefers Soccer To Basketball

Joel Embiid could soon be a star in the NBA. The former Kansas big man was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers with the No. 3 pick in Thursday night's NBA Draft. Many feel he's the most talented rookie in the class, but slipped due to injury concerns. 

Embiid, a Cameroon native, says he prefers soccer to basketball, however. 

Appearing on "The Dan Patrick Show," Embiid said he'd rather be a soccer standout than a premier basketball player. LeBron James or Cristiano Ronaldo? Embiid said if he could trade places with one of those men, he'd pick the Portugal footballer. 

Embiid, recovering from foot surgery, did not attend last night's draft at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. He said he has no timetable on when he could return to the court, but hopes it's soon.