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Video: Meyers Leonard's Wife, Elle, Continues To Go Viral

Meyers Leonard's wife, Elle Leonard.

Elle Leonard.

While Miami Heat big man Meyers Leonard has been inside of the bubble at Disney World in Orlando, his wife, Elle, has been going viral on social media.

The NBA is currently in the first round of the playoffs. The league has been back in action for about a month, as everyone played eight "seeding" games before the postseason began.

So, players and coaches have been away from their friends and family for several weeks. Everyone handles that differently, but Elle Leonard has chosen to spend some of her alone time by going viral on social media.

The wife of the Miami Heat big man posted a hilarious video on Twitter earlier in the month. She revealed what it was like at home without Meyers - and what it's like to pretend that he's still around.

"The house doesn’t feel the same without @MeyersLeonard. So, I decided to try out his morning routine," she joked.

Elle Leonard posted another cool video on her Twitter account on Wednesday.

Meyers Leonard, meanwhile, has been out of the Heat's rotation as of late, but head coach Erik Spoelstra isn't worried about his mindset.

"He's been through it before, so he gets the big picture," he said.

Miami and Indiana are set to play Game 2 at 1 p.m. E.T. on Thursday.