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Video: Parents In Crazy Brawl Outside Of Youth Basketball Game

youth basketball brawl breaks out

A crazy brawl broke out between some parents outside of a youth basketball game in Ohio earlier this month.

Two parents have been charged with disorderly conduct and will have to appear in court for their roles in the fight that occurred following a youth basketball game on Jan. 19.

The fight occurred after a game at Mariemont Junior High School in Fairfax, Ohio.

Here's video:

WLWT 5 had more details on the circumstances surrounding the fight.

Officials said it was a game between fourth-graders from undefeated Mariemont and undefeated West Clermont in the Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League.

The league is not affiliated with the school systems and rents school facilities for games.

Aishia Peoples, one of the parents charged, told WLWT a West Clermont parent was acting intimidating toward Mariemont during the game.

She said West Clermont won, and words were exchanged between parents, including her, eventually leading up to the moment where she tried to leave and the situation turned into a brawl.

Multiple players and parents have reportedly been expelled from the league as a result of the brawl.

The parents are reportedly set to occur in court on Feb. 5.