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Video Reveals What Heckler Yelled At Kevin Durant

Warriors staffer holds back Kevin Durant from heckler.

TMZ Sports

The NBA Finals is over. As quickly as it began, the NBA Finals ended.

LeBron James couldn't carry the Cleveland Cavaliers to a win, thus the Golden State Warriors walked out of the series with the Larry O'Brien trophy for the second consecutive year.

There wasn't much drama after the game, but we were reminded of what happened after Game 3. Kevin Durant ran into a heckler outside a Cleveland hotel.

Naturally, the heckler recorded the heckling himself, and then turned around and sent it to TMZ. He got Durant's attention enough that one of the star forward's handlers had to keep him from responding.

TMZ released a report saying this is what the heckler said to KD:

They shouted stuff like "you suck" and "where LeBron at?" -- but the one that got him to turn around ... "KD, UT's butt!"

However, the alleged heckler posted the video to Twitter and clarified his comments.

WARNING: NSFW language.

Apparently the heckler wasn't happy with TMZ's payment.

It didn't work out too well for the alleged heckler, who posted a photo of himself in a Cleveland jersey. The Warriors walked out of Cleveland with a four-game sweep, and Kevin Durant won his second consecutive Finals MVP.