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Video: Sacramento Kings' Derrick Williams Embarrassingly Failed Trying To Throw Himself An Alley-Oop Off Of The Backboard


Derrick Williams tried to put a huge exclamation point on the Sacramento Kings' big win over the Chicago Bulls tonight at Sleep Train Arena, but unfortunately things didn't go exactly as he planned. Late in the fourth quarter, he found himself alone on a breakaway and tried to excite the home crowd by throwing an alley-oop to himself off of the backboard. Comically, he didn't catch the ball cleanly, and the showboating resulted in a turnover instead -- here's video of the play via gifdsports:

Yes, there "was too much mustard on that hot dog" as the Bulls' announcer noted -- it's hard to argue otherwise. But even though the dunk failed, it's tough to blame Williams for trying to put on a show for a Sacramento crowd that hasn't exactly had a lot to celebrate lately. He will, however, end up on the highlight shows for this one, just not as he intended.