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Video: Shaq Shoves Opponent To The Ground During Pick-Up Basketball Game

Shaq shoving a man.

Shaq might be a little too strong for his own good.

Shaquille O'Neal dominated professional basketball players for 20 years, so it's no surprise he put on a show during a pick-up basketball game. Shaq showed he still has the skills, but more importantly, the strength to compete on the court.

He might even be too strong.

During the pick-up game, Shaq stiff-armed his opponent, who was thrown to the ground by Shaq's immense size. Trying to guard Shaq is an exercise in futility, especially when you consider his size -- 7-foot-1, and over 300 pounds.

Here's the play.

A word of advice to those who are on the court at the same time as Shaq; when he has the ball, it's best to just let him score. Otherwise, you end up like this poor guy.