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Video: Steph Curry's Mom Has Awkward Moment In Crowd

Steph Curry's mom watches her son.

A "chant fail" according to one ESPN commentator.

Steph Curry is playing like a two-time NBA MVP in Game 1 of The Finals. Through three quarters, Curry has 26 points, including six 3s, helping Golden State get out to a 21-point lead over Cleveland.

His fans and family are thrilled, of course.

After one of his latest 3s, though, his mom had kind of an awkward moment in the crowd. The crowd had been chanting "Let's go Warriors!" but had stopped after Steph's 3. She thought it was still going, though. And uncomfortably realized no one else was doing it midway through.

Check it out:

Her chant game could use a little work. Her son's on-court game, though, could not. And that's what matters most.