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Watch: LeBron James Takes a Tumble Right Into Bill Belichick

Lebron James falls right into Bill Belichick at Celtics game.


Following a rebound attempt, LeBron James lost his balance on the way to the ground and went careening into Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

The Boston Celtics took down the Cleveland Cavaliers in a close game tonight, a matchup that might have given us a preview of what the Eastern Conference Finals will have in store. The Celtics were able to pull out the 103-99 win with a 31-point effort from Isaiah Thomas. It was a pretty intense game from start to finish, and even included LeBron James pulling some football moves right in front of Bill Belichick.

James goes up for the loose ball, and on his way down loses his balance, sending the 6-foot-8, 250-pound missile of a man flying into the front row where he obliterates a camera man and almost plows over Belichick.

Check it out:

The most incredible part about all of this is that after James brushes himself off and goes on his merry way back down the court, Belichick gives off a brief smile, which is a pretty rare sight for the often grumpy coach. It's the offseason, though, he can afford to show some emotion from time to time.