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Why Everyone's Crushing Dan Gilbert Today

Cleveland's owner is under fire, once again.

Everyone's crushing Dan Gilbert today.

An ESPN report surfaced late Wednesday night that said the Cavs' owner "low-balled" Chauncey Billups during negotiations for the GM position.

Billups, a former NBA star and current analyst for ESPN, announced last week that he was turning down the position.

Money reportedly wasn't the only factor in his decision, but it certainly didn't help.

According to sources, the team's initial offer was $1.5 million. League sources told ESPN that $4 million is typically the starting point of what an individual in that role should earn. Sources maintain financial compensation wasn't the only factor as to why the 40-year-old Billups turned down the job on Monday after weeks of deliberation, but it played a part.

Cleveland is known for its unwillingness to pay top dollar for front-office leadership.

That's not a great look for an owner who's going to have to try to convince LeBron James, a free agent next summer, to stay with the franchise.