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The 16 Personalities ESPN Appears To Be Building Its Brand Around

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Let's take a look at the personalities that ESPN is going all-in on for the future.

ESPN laid off close to 100 of its on-air talent last month, and it looks like the network will be building around a small core group of personalities for the future. Which ones appear to be the most important moving forward?

Here are the 16 personalities it looks like ESPN is building its branding around.

Mike Greenberg

Greenberg is obvious. ESPN is breaking up Mike & Mike to give Greeny his own show - which will air on television for three hours every morning starting in 2018. It's clear the network wants him to be a big part of their future. His partner, Mike Golic, isn't being given the same opportunity.

Jemele Hill & Michael Smith Hill and Smith had their own show - His & Hers - for over five years on ESPN2 during the day. Now, they've been given their own SportsCenter - The 6 - which starting in 2018, will apparently be the first SportsCenter of the day. The duo have great chemistry and it's clear that ESPN is making an investment in them.

Tony Kornheiser & Michael Wilbon

Kornheiser and Wilbon have been around forever, but there was no doubt that when ESPN's layoffs were announced, these two were never considered. PTI is one of ESPN's most popular shows and it's unlikely that the network wants to screw with the formula.

Scott Van Pelt SVP has worn many hats for ESPN, and at the moment, he's the host of a Midnight SportsCenter show. Van Pelt is likely one of ESPN's most coveted employees. It'd be hard to see him leaving any time soon. Stephen A. Smith Love him or hate him, Stephen A. Smith makes his opinion known. Smith carries First Take and makes frequent appearances on SportsCenter. The network decided years ago to go all-in on him.

Michelle Beadle

Beadle has always been a fan favorite. She currently hosts SportsNation and NBA Countdown. She's going to be a big part of the network's future.

Jon Gruden Gruden will always have offers to return to the NFL, but he appears to be quite content at ESPN. The former head coach is the network's top football analyst and has his own "QB Camp" series.

Sam Ponder

Ponder was very popular during her time covering college football, and this year, she's getting a huge promotion. Ponder will be the new host of Sunday NFL Countdown, replacing Chris Berman.

Bomani Jones & Pablo Torre Jones and Torre are two of the network's most versatile personalities. Starting in January, they'll have their own television show. They can be seen on the LeBatard Show, Around the Horn and Highly Questionable.

Rachel Nichols

Nichols is one of the most respected reporters when it comes to NBA coverage. She currently has her own show - The Jump. She'll be around quite some time.

Kirk Herbstreit Herbstreit is the face of the network's college football branding. He's the top dog on College GameDay and calls the biggest game each week.

Adam Schefter

Schefter is the network's best NFL insider and routinely makes SportsCenter appearances. ESPN even lets him do sideline reporting for NBA games.

Dan LeBatard LeBatard, one of the most polarizing people on the list, has two shows with the network - his own radio show and Highly Questionable with Bomani Jones and his father. He brings a different angle.