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16-Year-Old High School Female Throws 42-Yard Touchdown Pass In Varsity Football Game

Female high school player set to take snap.

A 16-year-old female in South Florida threw a 42-yard touchdown pass on Thursday night.

Holly Neher, a 16-year-old junior at Hollywood Hills High School in South Florida, became the first female in school history to throw for a touchdown in a varsity game on Thursday night.

Neher, who is the only female player on her team, is just 5-foot-2.

You can see the play below - her teammates go crazy for her afterwards.

Hollywood Hills lost the game 21-7, but they may have made history in the process. The state believes the touchdown could have been the first thrown by a female in history.

A spokesman for the Florida High School Athletic Associate (FHSAA) told ABC News the organization is not able to confirm that Holly was the first female high school player in the state to throw a touchdown pass but “believes it could be” a first.

Congrats to Neher on the accomplishment.