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2 Coaches Had To Be Held Back From Fighting During Last Night's NIT Game

NIT game.

Last night's LSU-UL Lafayette NIT game was intense. It was probably too intense, to be honest.

The Tigers won the game, 84-76, to move onto the second round.

LSU head coach Will Wade was really happy with the win. He was so happy, in fact, that he called a timeout with just a couple of seconds remaining to celebrate it.

Wade was unhappy with some of the talking his opponent was doing before the game. He went on an epic rant after the game about it.

During that timeout, he was seen yelling at his opponent, Louisiana-Lafayette’s Bob Marlin.

Marlin had to be restrained from going at Wade. Seriously - that really happened.

Check it out:

Marlin had said earlier in the week that he felt his team was more deserving of a higher seed than LSU.

"Our RPI is much better, our record is much better, we feel like our gym's better, there are a lot of things that say we should be a higher seed than we were," Marlin said Monday.

"There's a lot of the old-school guys on that (NIT selection) committee that just think LSU's better than we are. They haven't seen our facilities or looked at the fine print about our team."

This clearly upset Wade and his LSU players, who spoke about it after the game (and during it, apparently).

"It's good to advance," Wade said. "We are all about action, not talk here."

With the win, LSU moves on to face No. 2 seed Utah.