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2 Florida Freshmen Arrested, Charged With Felonies After Shooting BB Guns

Two Florida freshmen football players - Tyrie Cleveland and Rick Wells - were arrested early Monday morning after allegedly shooting BB guns in a dorm room on campus. The two are being charged with property damage and criminal mischief - the latter of which is a third-degree felony. They're also being charged with a second-degree felony for firing a weapon into a residence.

247Sports has more on the alleged incident:

According to a University of Florida Police Department report, the incident occurred on Friday evening. A UFPD officer was dispatched to the Keys dorms on campus around 11:30 p.m., where he observed shattered glass in two panels surrounding a door, as well as the glass on the door itself, on the south side of the building. The damage was estimated to be in excess of $1,000.

After reviewing surveillance footage and cross-checking time stamps with the dorm entry system, Wells and Cleveland were identified. Wells admitted to an officer he had fired a BB gun at the dorms, which were occupied at the time, according to the police report. Both players were booked early Monday morning. Wells also turned over his BB gun to police.

Both players were booked to the Alachua County Jail. Their mugshots have been released.

">July 18, 2016

Obviously, this isn't the best start to their collegiate careers. The school has yet to comment.