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2 More Big Names Expected Out At ESPN

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Two more big NFL names are expected to be out at ESPN.

Two big NFL names at ESPN can apparently be added to the layoffs list.

According to Ed Werder, the veteran NFL reporter who was surprisingly part of the company's layoffs last week, two big NFL analysts are also out.

On his new Doomsday podcast, Werder appeared to reveal that Merril Hoge and Ron Jaworski are out.

From his podcast:

It’s not the quality of your work that’s a factor. Well, it causes me to wonder, what is ESPN about? Because I thought it was about news and information and highlights, and I’m not sure that is the point of emphasis anymore. How is ESPN going to cover the NFL without all of the people who lost their jobs. What happens without Merril Hoge and Ron Jaworksi to NFL Matchup? What happens to NFL Insiders without a number of analysts, former general managers like Joe Banner and Mark Dominik. Are we really about to see a time when ESPN can no longer afford to cover its most valuable property in the way that it has?

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