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The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media: Elite Eight

After another two days and a bit of controversy, we're down the eight most annoying people in sports media. Three of the 1-seeds are still alive. So are three double-digit seeds.

The Sweet 16's most dominant performance came from Skip Bayless, who crushed Bomani Jones 85%-15%. Stephen A. Smith and Jemele Hill - two of the other 1-seeds - also had little trouble advancing.

Our fourth 1-seed, Britt McHenry, fell to 12-seed Bill Walton. Britt's matchup, for the second round in a row, had far more votes than any other. It's pretty clear that someone is tampering here - though it's unclear whether they're for or against Britt.

Either way, she's out and we're switching up our poll tech.

There are four matchups remaining. Defending champion Stephen A. Smith is still alive.

Elite 8 of the Most Annoying bracket.

You can vote on the Elite Eight below.

1. Stephen A. Smith vs. 11. Keith Olbermann

Olbermann's quasi-return to sports doesn't appear to be going well. But can he take down the former champ?

1. Skip Bayless vs. 3. Jason Whitlock

Two former ESPN stars who left for FOX Sports and have really upped their hot take games.

1. Jemele Hill vs. 2. Colin Cowherd

The only chalk matchup. This one is too close to call.

12. Bill Walton vs. 10. Chris Broussard

Britt's region looks a lot like the South region of this year's NCAA Tournament.

You can check out the results from the Sweet 16 here, the Round of 32 here, the first round in the Stephen A. Smith region here, the first round in the Jemele Hill region here, the first round in the Skip Bayless region here and the first round in the Britt McHenry region here.