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9-Year Old Rugby Player Goes Beast Mode

A photo of a 9-year-old rugby player dominating the competition.


The internet is freaking out about a 9-year old rugby player from Australia.

This video comes from a rugby tournament in the capital city of Australia: Canberra. It features a 9-year old rugby player, Meaalofa Te'o, who looks like a full grown man-child against his smaller, slower competitors. We're hoping that none of the little kids who were pummeled in this video were hurt, because then we'd feel bad laughing.

This kid looks like a young Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch.

Even USA Sevens Rugby got in on the action with a tweet enjoying the "pure carnage":

If rugby was anything like soccer, this kid would already have offers from different professional teams trying to lock up the kid's future playing career. This kid has a bright future ahead of him if he can continue to dominate the pitch like this. Australian rugby union head coach Michael Cheika, a former Australian national team player, might need to keep an eye out for this future star.