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A College Baseball Team's Season Just Ended In The Worst Way Imaginable

auburn florida ending game 3 of super regionals

It's always going to be brutal when your season comes to an end. What just happened to Auburn's baseball team, though, is just cruel.

The Tigers fell to No. 1 overall seed Florida in Game 3 of their Super Regionals series. The game went to extra innings and featured a couple of crazy moments.

Nothing, however, was crazier than how the game ended.

The Gators won in the bottom of the 11th inning on a walkoff homer. Said homer made its way over the fence after the baseball bounced off the right fielder's glove.

Check it out:

Credit to Florida and the Gators' Austin Langworthy, who hit the screaming line-drive of a homer.

The baseball was almost surely going to make its way over the fence if it hadn't have hit right fielder Steven Williams' glove, but still, that was tough to watch.

Florida is off to its fourth-straight College World Series. The Gators won it all last year.