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A FOX Channel Apologized For Televising This NFL Game Yesterday

fox nfl channel apologizes

A local FOX station was forced to apologize for televising one NFL game over another late on Sunday afternoon.

Memphis' local FOX station took to Twitter to apologize to its viewers for cutting to the Dolphins-Titans game at the end of the Cowboys-Panthers contest.

Dallas and Carolina played in FOX's national game of the week, but the game between Miami and Tennessee had major weather delays. The game restarted late in the 4 p.m. E.T. window, forcing the FOX station to go to it.

Viewers were not happy.

FOX 13 in Memphis released the following statement:

"FOX13 VIEWERS: We have no control over the TV programming for FOX Sports. They have decided to show the Titans game until it is over. We apologize to Cowboys Nation and other NFL fans who wanted to watch Cowboys and Panthers today."

It's not often you'll see a local station apologizing for televising a game featuring the home state's team.