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A Group In Portland Is Trying To Land An MLB Franchise

Wide shot of an MLB day game.

If the MLB decides to expand or move a franchise to a new city, it's looking like Portland, Ore. could be a potential landing spot. There's a group working hard to land the city a team.

A Portland-based group revealed on Tuesday that it had made an offer on two properties where an MLB stadium could be built. The stadium would seat 32,000 people.

One of the locations is by where the Portland Trailblazers play. The other is in the northwestern part of the city.

The group is called the Portland Diamond Project. It's led by a former Nike executive.


The group called Portland Diamond Project is headed by former Nike executive, Craig Cheek. It also sees former Portland Trail Blazer television announcer Mike Barrett as the spokesman, as well as former Oregon State Senator Jason Atkinson, who will act as the group’s strategic business director.

Prior reports have declared the group as an “ownership” effort, but that’s not accurate. The group was created to facilitate the development of the ballpark, be that for MLB expansion or relocation.

The group did not disclose any ballpark drawings on Tuesday, although in working with Kansas City-based Populous, who has developed the vast majority of MLB ballparks over the last 20 years, there are reportedly more than one.

You can view Forbes' full story below:

What do you think? Should an MLB team be coming to Portland?