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A Jets Reporter's Comment At Training Camp Practice Is Going Viral

The Jets and Redskins fighting in training camp.

The Jets and the Redskins have had a couple of shared practices at training camp this month. It's been pretty intense.

Sunday, tempers flared to the point where a fiery scuffle broke out between several members of both teams. The skirmish made its way to the sideline. It was quite the scene.

Today, the Redskins and the Jets are practicing together again.

Washington's defensive line coach, Jim Tomsula, is an intense guy, and he's apparently dropping quite a few F-bombs this morning. That, of course, is incredibly normal for a football practice.

A Jets reporter seems to have a problem with it, though.

Check this out:

The reporter had to be joking, right? Right? Maybe not...

Jim Tomsula will drop as many F-bombs as he wants at practice, thank you very much.