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Mike McCarthy Has New Injury Update For QB Aaron Rodgers

aaron rodgers is carted off the field with an injury

Aaron Rodgers has yet to confirm his status for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings. The Green Bay Packers' star quarterback wants to play, but the All-Pro has yet to be fully cleared by his team.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy updated the injury status of Rodgers while speaking today. He says Rodgers and the training staff are still taking this day by day.

Rodgers has not been practicing this week, but he's going to attempt to do some things today.

NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero had more details.

"Packers coach Mike McCarthy says Aaron Rodgers will work in the rehab group again today. Try to do more today. Going through process. 'I’m sure he’s sore today. This is no layup. That’s why it’s a day to day situation,'" he tweeted.

Rodgers updated his status while speaking to reporters on Wednesday. He revealed that the injury he suffered against the Chicago Bears was a sprained knee. From

Aaron Rodgers called his injury a "sprained knee." He said he didn't take any pain medications on Sunday night because he doesn't like them. "There was a lot of adrenaline," he said, "and (it's) pretty sore the last three days." He said feel "a little better every day." He said he did not practice at all today and stayed at the stadium for treatment.

Rodgers has been saying all week that he wants to play and the thought of not playing hasn't really crossed his mind. "He echoed McCarthy by saying it’s one day at a time. However, the idea of not playing this weekend hasn’t crossed his mind," tweeted Michael Cohen.

Rodgers and the Packers are set to host the Vikings on Sunday.