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Adidas Is Facing Criticism For Comment About Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick being interviewed.

Colin Kaepernick has a major endorsement deal waiting for him if he gets back into the NFL. An executive for adidas has said that if the quarterback signs with an NFL team, the apparel company would want to sign him.

Mark King, the president of adidas' North America division, says the company has held off on signing Kaepernick because it doesn't want people to think it is "taking advantage of this noise or interest that he had generated."

However, the company does want to sign him if he's on an NFL roster.

“If he signs on a team, we would definitely want to sign him,” King said.

Adidas is facing some criticism for these comments. Some believe the company should just sign him regardless of the fact that he's not on a team's roster.

Jemele Hill isn't the only one calling for this. Others are saying the same.

Kaepernick was reportedly at NFL headquarters today meeting with Roger Goodell regarding his collusion lawsuit against the league. The quarterback also reportedly had a workout scheduled with the Seattle Seahawks, though it was postponed.