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ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski Updates Status Of Chris Paul's Free Agency

Chris Paul giving an interview.

Chris Paul might be the best NBA free agent no one is really talking about. The Houston Rockets' star point guard could leave the franchise this summer if he wants to. Will he?

It doesn't look like that's going to happen. Paul appears to be not only committed to re-signing with the Rockets, but attempting to get one of his best friends (LeBron James) to join him.

ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported late on Monday night that Paul is doing everything he can to get James to join him in Houston.

Paul is reportedly focusing 100 percent on recruiting James and ignoring his own free agency decision.

What does this mean? Well, it has to be a good sign for Houston's chances at re-signing him.

"Somebody close to (Paul) said to me that he has his focus on recruiting LeBron (to Houston) as anything he's done in this league," Woj reported.

There has been some talk of a potential LeBron-Chris Paul team up in Los Angeles, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

"Chris is going to return there (to Houston). Right now, his focus isn't so much on his own free agency, he's trying to recruit LeBron James to Houston," Woj added.

NBA free agency officially begins on July 1. If James is going to end up in Houston, it will probably come as a sign-and-trade. That could allow for a move to be made before free agency begins.