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AdWeek Ranked The 5 Best Super Bowl Commercials

The Tide commercial from Super Bowl.

Here are the best commercials of the Super Bowl, according to AdWeek.

It wasn't a great year for Super Bowl commercials. Most were fine, but not many stood out.

AdWeek has ranked the five-best commercials that aired on Sunday night. Their pick for No. 1 is a good one.

Tide's "It's A Tide Commercial" featuring Stranger Things star David Harbour has received universal praise. AdWeek detailed the company's plan:

Tide’s wildly ambitious plan is much more involved than your average Super Bowl spot. The detergent brand’s goal is to take over the Super Bowl with a campaign that positions Harbour as an omniscient narrator of sorts, asking Super Bowl viewers to question every ad they see—because if you’re seeing clean clothes, you could be watching a Tide ad.

To accomplish this, the company bought an ad in every quarter—a 45-second establishing spot in the first quarter, along with 15-second ads for each of the following three quarters. Tide then filmed each scene as a separate short spot in the genre of whatever product it’s pretending to pitch. There’s a car ad, a beer ad, a deodorant ad and a half-dozen others, all of which, through various twists, turn out to be pitching the same laundry detergent.

There were a couple of decent commercials, but putting Tide's at No. 1 is very fair. Tide is definitely the company that seemed to resonate most with viewers last night.

Watch the commercials below:

You can view AdWeek's full top five here.