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No One Has Publicly Celebrated A Championship Harder Than Alex Ovechkin And The Capitals

ovechkin and the stanley cup photo

Alex Ovechkin has long been one of the absolute best players the NHL has to offer. However, until this year, he was among the best athletes in the major American team sports to go without a title.

That ended this week, with his Washington Capitals' win over the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup finals.

Every year, the team that wins the Cup goes a bit wild in its celebration. Like he does on the rink, Ovechkin is kicking things up to a new level.

Ovechkin threw out a pretty bad first pitch at today's Nationals game. Everything after that during his romp through D.C. has been pretty impressive.

The most viral Alex Ovechkin clip is this Stanley Cup version of a keg stand from a Georgetown bar.

That is the face of a man who has been going at it pretty hard for a while. The other videos continue to tell the story of Ovechkin and the Capitals' afternoon.

In extremely D.C. fashion, the Cup party ran into Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner this evening.

Ovechkin isn't the only one having himself a day. His teammates Andre Burakovsky and Jakub Vrana went off in the middle of the day to get celebratory tattoos.

The Capitals' win was the city's first championship in a major pro sport since 1991. It was the franchise's first Stanley Cup win in its history.

The city had been pretty underrated in terms of sports heartache. This title definitely alleviates it a bit.