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All The NBA Free Agency Action You Missed Late Friday Night

NBA free agency got crazy last night.

NBA free agents were officially allowed to sign new contracts at midnight, but we didn't even have to wait that long to get some major news. Before the clock even ticked to July 1, we had a huge trade that landed Paul George in Oklahoma City.

Let's take a look at all of the trades and free agent signings you might have missed overnight.

  1. Paul George was traded from Indiana to Oklahoma City for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.
  2. Steph Curry signed the richest deal in NBA history, which pays him $201 million over five years.
  3. Blake Griffin signed a five-year, $173 million deal to stay in Los Angeles with the Clippers.
  4. Ricky Rubio was traded from Minnesota to Utah for a 2018 first-round pick that originally belonged to Oklahoma City.
  5. Minnesota signed free agent guard Jeff Teague to a three-year, $57 million deal.
  6. Shaun Livingston agreed to stay in Golden State for three years, $24 million.
  7. Patty Mills stayed in San Antonio for four years, $50 million.
  8. Tony Snell stayed in Milwaukee for four years, $46 million.
  9. Jrue Holiday will stay with New Orleans and sign a five-year, $126 million contract.

Earlier in the week, Chris Paul was dealt from the Clippers to the Rockets in a monster deal.

We'll keep you updated. There are still dozens of top free agents who haven't yet made decisions.