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An MLB Team Debuted A 4-Man Outfield Today - Here's What Happened

The Astros used a four-man outfield against Joey Gallo.

The Houston Astros, the reigning World Series champions, debuted a four-man outfield on Opening Day day.

The Astros, who experimented with the four-man outfield in spring training and plan on using the, broke it out this afternoon against the Texas Rangers. They used it against Rangers left-handed hitter Joey Gallo.

It worked.

The Astros shifted their third baseman into deep left field. They had someone in left, left center, right center and right field.

All four outfielders were playing deep, too. They had the second baseman shift into shallow right field, the shortstop right around second base and the first baseman playing true to his position.

Here's what it looked like:

And here's what happened - it worked. Gallo flew out to left field.

The Astros are currently leading the Rangers, 3-0. The game is in the seventh inning. Houston has two home-runs and a double. Justin Verlander is through six innings of scoreless ball.