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Antonio Brown To Donate Muhammad Ali Cleats To Ali's High School Alma Mater

Steelers wide out Antonio Brown to donate special Muhammad Ali themed cleats to the late boxer's high school alma mater.

Antonio Brown wore Muhammad Ali inspired cleats during the Steelers matchup against the Jets on Sunday and has stated that he will donate the cleats to Ali's high school alma mater in Louisville.

The four-time Pro Bowler said that it would be an honor to give the cleats to Ali's alma mater in Louisville.

Brown wore the cleats for only a few plays before an on-site NFL official told him to change or he would not be allowed to return to the field. Brown changed his cleats after the request.

Brown finished the day with nine catches for 78 yards and one touchdown pushing the Steelers to a 31-13 win.

Brown also wore Arnold Palmer themed cleats one week following Palmer's death. He asked permission to wear the Palmer inspired cleats and was not asked to take them off.