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Appalachian State Students Allege Assault By Miami Players

Miami Hurricanes players marching onto Appalachian State's field.


Appalachian State students said several Hurricanes players physically and verbally assaulted members of the school's color guard.

Appalachian State junior Sophie Randleman, a color guard member, released a public Facebook post that said one of her fellow students was "shoved by several very large, intentionally aggressive, football players." Here is the full post from Randleman:

According to the Palm Beach Post, Miami Athletics Director Blake Jamessaid in a message to The Post that the school was addressing the incident.

“We have already followed up seeking details from both the football and administrative staffs. The University of Miami does not tolerate any kind of suggestive behavior, harassment or inappropriate conduct and we will take action if our students did engage in this type of behavior.”

The entrance of the Miami Hurricanes was caught by Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post:

It's difficult to see if any members of the color guard were assaulted when the Hurricanes took the field. Randleman spoke to the Post and said that the student who was shoved was standing near the end zone to the right of the video.

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