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Argentina Isn't Eliminated After Loss To Croatia, But They Now Need Help

It's been an unpredictable World Cup thus far, to say the least. A number of top-ranked countries, like Germany and Brazil, have stumbled out the gate. But Argentina is now probably the favorite in the most trouble of all.

Argentina, which reached the final four years ago and sports arguably the world's best player in Lionel Messi, has registered just one point through two games. They tied Iceland earlier in the week, and Thursday, they lost a stunner to Croatia, 3-0.

A goal on a volley by Ante Rebic off of a goalkeeper's mistake was the first score of the game. A second strike from Luka Modric sealed the deal. A third goal - from Ivan Rakitic - made it a rout.

It's left Argentina in a tough situation. Their fans are in meltdown mode as well.

At this point, Croatia, with two wins, has secured its spot in the Knockout Round. Iceland takes on Nigeria on Friday morning, and if they can win, they'll make life very hard for Messi & Co. In fact, a win for either team could be a problem, depending upon how it all shakes out.

Argentina will need to win its final game - against Nigeria - and score as many goals as possible in the process. Goal differential is the second tiebreaker in World Cup group stage play, so if they wind up tied with four points with, let's say Iceland, they'll need to have gotten themselves on the right side of the equation.

They also no longer control their own destiny. If Iceland knocks off both Nigeria and Croatia, Argentina is out. If Iceland ties one of those games and wins the other, Argentina is out.

It could be an early exit for a country that was thinking it had a real shot at winning it all this year.