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HS Sports Reporters In Arizona Banned From Events After Allegations Surface Of Inappropriate Messages To Athletes

Text of "a bikini pic?"

Two high school sports reporters in the state of Arizona have been banned from covering and attending all events after accusations surfaced against them. They are accused of having asked some of the athletes they cover for inappropriate photos and videos.

12News in Arizona reports that 31-year-old twin brothers Jeff and Zach Edgington have been accused of texting and snapchatting with some of the athletes they cover, asking inappropriate questions and discussing things non-related to the sports they cover.

The Washington Post has details on the report from 12 News:

As early as 2016, according to one victim, who spoke anonymously with NBC 12 News in Phoenix, one of the brothers began texting her with questions that didn’t pertain to high school sports, and the messages became more personal over time.

“One of them asked me to send them a picture of me in a bikini and that he would send me a picture back of him,” she told 12 News.

Another female student athlete from a different school told the station one of the brothers told her she was “cute” and asked if she had a boyfriend. A baseball player at Notre Dame Prep in Scottsdale, Ariz., provided messages to the station and to the website Arizona Varsity in which Jeff Edgington asked him to streak through his house and perform naked push-ups recorded on video.

One of the brothers, Zach, spoke to 12 News about the allegations. He says he does not think they did anything wrong.

“I do not think that my twin brother or I have done anything inappropriate.”

“My response is that there’s nothing with anybody underage,” he told 12 News. “I don’t have any negative thoughts or idea in my head ever. This has blown up where it’s actually causing my brother and I self-harm.” is believed to have made the accusations public.

The AIA announced on Monday that the brothers had been banned.

You can view the full report from the Washington Post here.