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Author Of ESPN Book Believes John Skipper Was Pushed Out

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ESPN said Skipper was resigning so he could deal with a substance abuse problem.

Perhaps the most-shocking sports media story of the last year was the abrupt exit of ESPN president John Skipper.

Skipper, 62, announced in mid-December that he was leaving the company to deal with a substance abuse problem. His exit from the company came days after he gave a rousing speech to ESPN's front-facing employees. Skipper's departure was reportedly stunning to almost everyone inside the company.

James Andrew Miller, the author of the ESPN book, doesn't completely buy Skipper's substance abuse problem being the sole reason for his exit.


Miller expands on his belief that former ESPN President John Skipper was fired from ESPN and did not leave his job because of the substance addiction that he cited in his statement.

When asked if Skipper was pushed out by Disney, Miller said, "I think that's a fair characterization."

Miller later said, "I think that the idea that he left his job because of that [substance addiction], it just don't pass the smell test with me." ... "I don't believe he left on his on volition."

You can listen to Miller's full podcast with's Jimmy Traina here.