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Baker Mayfield Has Made A Major Change To His Appearance

A closeup of Baker Mayfield in a Cleveland Browns headband.

Baker Mayfield didn't play in the Browns' season-opening tie to the Steelers on Sunday (despite hundreds of Cleveland fans calling for him to replace Tyrod Taylor on social media).

The Browns don't appear to have any plans to put Mayfield onto the field moving forward, either. Taylor remains Cleveland's starter behind center.

Mayfield has done something that's making headlines, though.

The 2017 Heisman Trophy winner has ditched part of his look. Mayfield has shaved off the beard.

Mayfield says he just got tired of maintaining it.

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft has been receiving some major praise lately. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees says Mayfield has the potential to be better than him.

Mayfield said that Brees is someone he's always looked up to.

"He's a guy I've always loved watching and respected,'' Mayfield said. "For starters, where he's from, he grew up right across town from where I'm from (near Austin, Texas), so he went to the rival high school but I've always respect his path. He didn't go to the biggest school (Purdue), he didn't have many people interested in him, but he believed in himself and he knows what he's good at and he works on his craft."

The Browns are set to face the Saints on Sunday.