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Video: Ball State Walk-On Surprised With Scholarship In Emotional Scene

Ball State walk-on after finding out that he earned a scholarship.

Kyle Seger, a senior defensive end who joined the Ball State program as a walk-on back in 2012, won't have to pay for his final year of school.

This past week, the team's coaching staff made the decision to give him a full-on scholarship - and they made sure to announce the news in style.

Ball State put together a fun activity for its players - a game show titled 'The Cardinal is Right." After a few rounds, Seger was called to the front of the stage. Instead of having a word to guess, the screen instead flashed the news to all of his teammates. By the time he turned around to see it himself, he was being mobbed by the rest of the Cardinals.

Seger later called his parents, who expressed how proud they are of him. Very cool.

It's important to remember that not every player on a college football team is on scholarship - many pay their way through school like most students. It's awesome to see hard work pay off.

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