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Barack Obama's NCAA Tournament Bracket Is A Disaster

Hopefully, you didn't put too much stock into what former president Barack Obama thought about this year's NCAA Tournament.

Earlier in the day, we gave you a look at the best celebrity bracket out there, which is owned by former president George H.W. Bush. The worst might also belong to a former Commander-in-Chief.

Barack Obama released his bracket ahead of the tournament last Thursday, and at the time, it looked fine. Things have changed.

Obama has always been criticized for going with too much chalk. This isn't a great year to have too much chalk.

The entire left side of Obama's bracket is done. The right isn't as bad, but he only has Villanova left alive in his Final Four. He had Virginia and Michigan State in the national title game - with Michigan State winning.

Check it out:

Barack Obama's 2018 NCAA Tournament bracket.

Here's Obama's bracket before the madness:

Obama isn't alone - most peoples' brackets are destroyed this year. But he might want to give H.W. a call before next year's event.