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Baracketology: President Obama Picks His NCAA Tournament Final Four

Update: Here's Obama's entire bracket. The president even said himself that they are not "imaginative" picks. For those who can't watch the video, he picks Michigan State to win it all.

Earlier: Last year, President Barack Obama corrected guessed that Louisville would win the NCAA Tournament during his "Barack-etology" special on ESPN. This year, it looks like his love affair with the Cardinals still isn't over. While we don't have all of Obama's picks (they'll be unveiled at 9 AM on SportsCenter on Wednesday), we do already know his Final Four.

Andy Katz reported tonightthat the president has chosen Florida, Arizona, Louisville and Michigan State as his four teams to advance. 

Obama's selections aren't very bold, but that doesn't come as a surprise. Katz did mention that the president picked some upsets in the early rounds, so it'll be interesting to see what those are. We'll find out soon enough.