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Barstool Sports Fans Have Destroyed Michael Rapaport's Podcast Rating

Ratings for Michael Rapaport's podcast.

Michael Rapaport no longer works for Barstool Sports. His podcast rating has taken a pretty big hit because of it.

The 47-year-old actor/comedian was fired by Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy on Sunday. Rapaport had been feuding with several Barstool employees on Twitter. He later called people who refer to themselves as "stoolies" as losers.

"It was the biggest no brainer in the history of no brainers. You can’t shit on our entire fanbase and still expect to work here. This was a business, money, passion, loyalty decision all in one shot. But if you want to call me a hero I won’t argue with you," Portnoy wrote.

The Barstool Sports fans who do refer to themselves as "stoolies" have since mobilized. They've decided to destroy Rapaport's podcast rating on iTunes. And they have succeeded.

Rapaport's podcast, I AM RAPAPORT, was very highly-rated until yesterday. It now has a dismal 1.5 star rating with more than 22,000 one-star reviews. Of course, these are basically all reviews from Barstool fans. Will iTunes allow them to stay?

Check it out:

Ratings for Michael Rapaport's podcast.

Rapaport's podcast, meanwhile, has risen in the charts. It's up to No. 2 in the "Top Podcasts" section on iTunes. This could be because of how many reviews and ratings it has been getting.

A picture of podcasts on iTunes.

This plays into a larger discussion of how iTunes' podcast rankings work. The general podcast rankings have always seemed skeptical. Those familiar believe the podcast episode rankings is much more revealing that the general podcast rankings.

Bill Simmons highlighted this on Twitter yesterday.

You can read the full feature that goes into iTunes' podcast rankings here.