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Barstool Sports Fired Michael Rapaport - Here's Why

Michael Rapaport laughs into the microphone.

Michael Rapaport, the 47-year-old actor turned social media ranter, began working with Barstool Sports about a year ago. The New York native wasn't a full-time member of the Barstool office, but he would occasionally make appearances on The Rundown, Barstool Radio and Barstool's Twitter account. His podcast was also hosted on the Barstool network.

Today, he was fired by Barstool founder Dave Portnoy. Here's why that happened.

Rapaport has been feuding with several members of the Barstool Sports staff for a while. Over the past week or so, it hit a fever pitch. Rapaport accused Barstool blogger Adam "Smitty" Smith of juicing for his Rough N Rowdy fight and was constantly tweeting about it. Smitty later admitted he "juiced" and everyone at Barstool except for Rapaport didn't seem to care.

His feuding continued with several other members of Barstool, including original bloggers KFC and Kmarko. Rapaport called out KFC's history of infidelity and said that Kmarko, the site's editor-in-chief, was "irrelevant." KMarko then exposed him for begging for publicity in the site's newsletter.

Barstool Sports has a history of reality television-type in-house fighting, so maybe this feuding wasn't a huge deal. The following tweet from Rapaport had to have been, though.

Rapaport said you're a loser if you call yourself a "stoolie" in real life. Barstool Sports' avid followers refer to themselves as such and their passion is a major reason why the site has become a $100-million company.

As he often does, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy took to Twitter this morning to publicly reveal how he handled all of this. Rapaport has been fired. "Duh."

Rapaport later took to Twitter - he apparently still had access to Barstool Sports' Twitter password - to post the following video. Portnoy promptly thanked him for the free work.

Barstool Sports is now selling thes t-shirts, profiting off another one of their controversies as they like to do.